Steve Finn



The vision for Chestnut Mountain Ranch developed while our Executive Director, Stephen Finn, was a young police officer.


The vision for Chestnut Mountain Ranch developed while our Executive Director, Stephen Finn, was a young police officer.  Steve was born in New Martinsville, West Virginia in 1969.  He attended high school and college in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and Steve earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University.  While attending college in 1991, Steve began his career in law enforcement.  Steve was offered a scholarship from 12Stone Church in Georgia to attend the first cohort within the new John C. Maxwell Leadership Institute and Indiana Wesleyan University. Steve achieved a Masters in Ministry Leadership.

During his 11 years as a police officer in metro-Atlanta, Steve’s heart began to grow towards helping and encouraging young people to make good decisions.  He often had the opportunity to get to know young boys and girls in his patrol area, and he invested his time and energy in pointing those youth in the right direction.  Through this season, he developed a vision to one day work with youth and families in crisis on a full time basis.

Steve met his wife Dawn in Atlanta, and together a vision grew.  Steve and Dawn left behind what was familiar, and went to work in a full time ministry.  In 2002 they were hired by a Christian children’s home called Eagle Ranch.  Eagle Ranch is located on 310 acres in Chestnut Mountain, Georgia.  During their time at Eagle Ranch it was clear that God not only had them there as a family to minister to the boys, but that He had them there for a time of spiritual growth and maturity in their own lives.  The vision for starting a children’s home someday began to grow.

After researching several areas of the country, and gaining information from different children’s homes, it was clear that West Virginia was a state in need of such a facility.  They found that no facility like Eagle Ranch was in the state of West Virginia.  After much research it was clear that a huge need existed throughout the state.

In 2005 Steve and Dawn moved their family to West Virginia to pursue Chestnut Mountain Ranch.  Today the 225 acre facility is growing, and is already impacting many lives. They committed the vision of Chestnut Mountain Ranch to remain debt free as God provided for each step of growth. Today the Ranch is reaching children and restoring lives. The Ranch is growing with help of mission teams from across the United States, and the financial support of individuals, corporations, foundations, and churches. In addition to this support, Steve established a 16,000 sq ft thrift store in 2013 that yields $100,000 annually towards the operational needs. Boys attending the Ranch have the opportunity to work at the thrift store, earn a pay check, and learn valuable skills surrounding the stewardship of money. The value of this store within the Ranch program was recognized, and growth within this area was sought. In 2017 an automotive oil change facility was purchased, and the Ranch Quick Lube was launched with the tag line “Change Your Oil…Change A Life.” Again, older boys at the Ranch now have the opportunity to work there, earn a paycheck, and learn life skills that will help them to one day be a provider for a family of their own.

In May of 2017, the first book was published and released. “Seed to Vision” explains how to pursue a God given vision in your life to impact the lives of others.  Today, Chestnut Mountain Ranch has 225 acres of developed land, a ballfield, lake pavilion, staff homes, 2 boys homes, a Family Counseling Center/School, woodworking shop, and a new Ranch School designed for 70 children is under construction.  Plans for 5 more boys homes is within the vision. Most importantly is that the Ranch is now serving around 20 children at a time with a constant waiting list for enrollment. The Ranch also achieved national accreditation in 2017 through ACSI.  Boys are becoming Godly men that will one day turn the course of the generational cycle that brought them to the Ranch.

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